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Designed for hiking, backpacking, camping, and geocaching.


View nearby beacons and paths on your compass.


Trace back your steps.


Get hyperlocal weather forecasts and alerts.


View the positions of the sun and moon.


Create and view nearby tides.


Packing lists, flashlight, clinometer, ruler, clock, level, and more.


Any information gathered by this application does not leave your device (as a matter of fact, this app doesn't use the Internet at all).

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Disclaimer / Terms of Service

Trail Sense is for informational purposes only and the developers make no warranties concerning the accuracy of the information provided by the app, which may further be limited by the quality of your device's sensors and the current environmental conditions.

By using this app, you understand that the developers of Trail Sense cannot and do not assume responsibility for any personal injury, death, property damage, and other dangers associated with activities where you would use Trail Sense.

The developers of Trail Sense are not responsible for how you use the data provided, and what you do with it is done at your own risk. While it can be used in survival situations, you should not rely upon it, always have backup plans and gear, and use common sense. And definitely avoid using Trail Sense (and your phone in general) while driving or riding a bike.


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Note: Trail Sense is built and supported by a single developer. I only have a single phone to work with, so my troubleshooting may be limited if I can't reproduce issues on my phone.