Trail Sense

Explore beyond the reaches of the Internet.

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Trail sense on Android


Place beacons and navigate back to them.


Get hyperlocal weather forecasts and alerts.


View the positions of the sun and moon.

* Other features include flashlight/SOS, inclinometer (avalanche risk assessment and height estimation), storm alerts, sunset alerts, ruler, temperature and humidity.


Location information gathered by this application does not leave your device (as a matter of fact, this app doesn't use the Internet at all). The altitude and pressure history for the last 48 hours is stored in local app storage - this is used to determine weather forecasts. The last known location is also stored in app preferences to allow faster load times and support app functionality when the GPS can not be reached. The beacons store their location in a local SQLite database. All of this information is cleared when you clear the app storage or delete it.

Information Collected

Trail Sense does not collect or share any user information outside of the app itself. The following information is used / stored by Trail Sense locally:



Trail Sense is a tool that can be used in a survival situation, but you should not rely solely upon it. Please validate it's accuracy, avoid dangerous situations when possible, stay calm, and use common sense.